Limner Page

What the Hell is a "Limner"?!

Yes, I struggled for a long time trying to find a single word that meant "amateaur artist." "Limner" was as close as I could get. Now we all have to live with it.

アメチュアイラストレーターという意味一言について長く考えました. 残念ながらLimnerは一番いいです.

The Adventures of Sphere and Block-Thing

I occasionally draw a comic strip. The Adventures of Sphere and Block-Thing began as the doodles I created during lunch at work. I am often inspired by the unique terms I hear during our meetings. So maybe this is a surreal version of Dilbert. Although not as funny. Or marketable.

時々コミックを描いています. The Adventures of Sphere and Block-Thingは仕事で昼休みに小さい絵が始めました. 仕事に特別な単語をたくさん使っています. Dilbertというアメリカ野コミックのおかしいバージョンでしょう. でもこのコミックより面白くて金になります.

Game Miniatures

If you like really tiny faces, check out my painted miniatures.



To call these doodles "drawings" makes them sound more skillful than they are.


Abstract Installations

At my most pretentious, I created a couple of painting/sculpture/things to lower the property value of my friends' house.


It's Like a Demented Craft Fair

Below are some smaller projects that do not deserve their own page.


Hey, It Made Sense At The Time

Here is my wedding gift for my sister. It is simply an acrylic painiting on a wood with a wall bracket mounted on the back.

妹の結婚祝いです. アクリルとウッドです.

My Mother Must Be So Proud

I won $15 in a Pumpkin Decorating contest at work. Whoot!